Today’s Gold Rate in Maharashtra: ₹ 5,583/ 1 gram (22K)

Today's Gold Rate in Maharashtra: ₹ 5,583/ 1 gram (22K)
Gold Rate

For those keeping an eye on the gold market in Maharashtra, the current gold rate stands at ₹ 5,583/ 1 gram (22K). This rate is subject to fluctuations based on various factors such as global economic trends, demand-supply dynamics, and local market conditions.

It’s important to note that the gold rate mentioned above is specific to 22 karat (22K) gold, which is a popular choice among buyers in Maharashtra. The purity of gold plays a significant role in determining its price, with higher purity levels commanding a premium.

To stay updated on the gold rate in Maharashtra and make informed decisions regarding gold investments or purchases, it is advisable to regularly monitor reliable sources that provide real-time rates and historical data.

Gold Rate in Maharashtra: Latest Updates and Trends

If you’re looking for the current gold rate in Maharashtra, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest trends and fluctuations in the market. Gold holds a special place in the cultural and economic landscape of India, and Maharashtra, with its vibrant cities and thriving business hubs, is no exception. To make informed decisions about buying or selling gold, it’s crucial to have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

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One reliable source for tracking the gold rate in Maharashtra is BankBazaar, a leading online financial marketplace. Their dedicated page for Maharashtra’s gold rate provides a wealth of information for both investors and enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at the key features and insights offered by the BankBazaar gold rate page.

  1. Real-time Gold Rates: The BankBazaar gold rate page provides real-time updates on the price of gold in Maharashtra. You can find the rates for different purities of gold, such as 24 karat (24K), 22 karat (22K), and 18 karat (18K). These rates are regularly updated to reflect the current market conditions accurately.
  2. Historical Gold Price Data: In addition to real-time rates, the BankBazaar gold rate page also offers historical gold price data for Maharashtra. This feature allows users to analyze the trends and patterns in gold prices over time, enabling them to make informed decisions based on past performance.
  3. Gold Rate Comparison: The BankBazaar platform allows users to compare gold prices across different cities in Maharashtra. Whether you’re interested in the gold rates in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, or any other city in the state, you can easily compare and analyze the price variations. This comparison feature helps you identify any regional disparities in gold rates and make the most of your investments.
  4. Gold Price Alerts: BankBazaar offers a convenient gold price alert feature that allows users to set custom alerts for their desired gold rate. By setting your preferred rate, you can receive notifications via email or SMS whenever the gold rate in Maharashtra reaches your specified threshold. This feature ensures that you stay informed about favorable market conditions and can take timely action.
  5. Expert Analysis and Insights: The BankBazaar gold rate page provides valuable insights and expert analysis on the factors influencing gold prices. From global economic trends to local market dynamics, you can gain a deeper understanding of the forces driving the fluctuations in gold rates. This knowledge equips you with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions about your gold investments.

Gold Price in Major Cities in Maharashtra (As of June 21, 2023)

CityPrice per 10 grams (22 karat/carat)Date
MumbaiRs.57,820June 21, 2023
PuneRs.57,830June 21, 2023
NagpurRs.51,190June 21, 2023
NashikRs.48,070June 21, 2023
ThaneRs.48,070June 21, 2023
AurangabadRs.52,390June 21, 2023
SolapurRs.51,470June 21, 2023
AmravatiRs.51,470June 21, 2023
NandedRs.51,520June 21, 2023
KolhapurRs.51,470June 21, 2023
SangliRs.51,470June 21, 2023
JalgaonRs.51,470June 21, 2023
AkolaRs.51,470June 21, 2023
LaturRs.51,470June 21, 2023
DhuleRs.51,470June 21, 2023
AhmednagarRs.52,070June 21, 2023
ChandrapurRs.52,190June 21, 2023
PanvelRs.52,470June 21, 2023
SataraRs.52,070June 21, 2023
BeedRs.52,470June 21, 2023
ParbhaniRs.52,470June 21, 2023
JalnaRs.52,470June 21, 2023
Bhiwandi-NizampurRs.52,070June 21, 2023
UlhasnagarRs.52,470June 21, 2023
BhusawalRs.52,470June 21, 2023
YavatmalRs.51,470June 21, 2023
Pimpri-ChinchwadRs.51,470June 21, 2023
IchalkaranjiRs.51,070June 21, 2023
WardhaRs.50,470June 21, 2023
NandurbarRs.50,470June 21, 2023
OsmanabadRs.50,470June 21, 2023
GondiaRs.50,470June 21, 2023
MalegaonRs.50,470June 21, 2023
HinganghatRs.50,470June 21, 2023

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