SSC MTS Result 2023 Tier 1: Check MTS Tier 1 Result, Cut Off & Merit List

The eagerly awaited SSC MTS Result 2023 Tier 1 is of paramount significance to the multitude of candidates who actively participated in the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) examination.

This examination, which was conducted between May 2 and May 19, 2023, marked the inception of the selection process for numerous aspirants. This comprehensive article aims to furnish detailed insights into the impending result announcement, anticipated cut-off marks, and the impending merit list for the SSC MTS Tier 1 Exam.

SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023 Overview

The SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023, a consequential milestone for the aspirants who undertook the Multi-Tasking Staff exam, is poised to be officially disclosed by the esteemed Staff Selection Commission (SSC) through their dedicated official website, The resounding declaration of the result is expected to transpire in the month of August in the year 2023.

With the Tier 1 examination having taken place from the 2nd to the 19th of May, 2023, the aspirants now stand on the precipice of awaiting the revelation of their performance. The eagerness surrounding the result announcement is palpable, underscoring the significance of this crucial juncture. Therefore, an active and vigilant engagement with this article is advised for timely updates, direct access links, and information pertaining to the SSC MTS Tier 1 Result.

SSC MTS Result 2023 Exam Details

The facets of the examination’s foundational architecture are outlined in the “Exam Details” section, encapsulating the pivotal elements that contribute to shaping the journey of aspirants. Delving into the specifics, the examination is conducted under the imprimatur of the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), an institution recognized for its rigorous selection processes and commitment to impartiality.

SSC MTS Result 2023
SSC MTS Result 2023

Termed as the “SSC MTS 2023 Tier 1,” this examination is classified under the ambit of “SSC Result,” signifying its critical role in determining the trajectory of candidates’ careers. The culmination of anticipation arrives with the announcement, slated for August 2023, wherein the outcomes of the arduous efforts will be revealed. The provisional release of the answer key on the 28th of June, 2023, acts as a precursor to the impending result announcement, allowing candidates a preliminary insight into their performance.

Exam Details

Exam Conducted ByStaff Selection Commission
Exam NameSSC MTS 2023 Tier 1
CategorySSC Result
Result AnnouncementAugust 2023
Answer Key Release28th June 2023 (out)
Exam Held2nd to 19th May 2023
Total VacanciesMTS: 3603 Havaldar: 3698
Selection Process1. Tier 1 Examination
2. Tier 2 Examination
3. Merit List
4. Document Verification
5. Final Selection
LocationAll India
Exam LevelNational

The temporal span of the examination, denoted as the “Exam Held,” spanned from the 2nd to the 19th of May, 2023, encapsulating a window within which the aspirants demonstrated their mettle. The canvas of opportunity is adorned with a total of 3603 vacancies for MTS and 3698 vacancies for Havaldar, collectively shaping the landscape of the selection process. The journey of a candidate encompasses five crucial stages: Tier 1 Examination, Tier 2 Examination, Merit List, Document Verification, and Final Selection.

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Each stage serves as a rung on the ladder of progression, separating the worthy contenders from the multitude. The geographical expanse of this endeavor knows no bounds as it spans across the length and breadth of the nation. Positioned on a national platform, the examination is emblematic of its grandeur and significance. The official bastion of information and updates resides in the form of the official website,, serving as the lodestar for aspirants embarking on this journey.

SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023 Details

The crux of the narrative rests upon the unveiling of the SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023, an event laden with anticipation and significance. The unfolding of this result shall transpire in a phased manner, emanating from the official sanctum of The preliminary act entails the proclamation of results for those candidates who navigated the labyrinth of the Tier 1 examination successfully.

This success, while momentous, merely serves as a precursor to the greater challenge – the Tier 2 examination. The candidature’s passage to the subsequent stage hinges upon the attainment of a minimum score of 40% in the Tier 2 examination. A continuous vigil over the official website is strongly recommended, for this repository shall harbor the latest updates and notifications that pertain to the culmination of the SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023 journey.

SSC MTS Result 2023 Result Declaration Date

An aura of expectation envelops the anticipated date of result declaration. The SSC is poised to illuminate this realm during the fourth week of June in the year 2023. The precise date, an enigma shrouded in uncertainty, is yet to be unveiled by the SSC.

In order to remain attuned to the rhythms of this revelation, it is incumbent upon the aspirants to tether themselves to the official SSC website. The mantle of responsibility lies with the aspirant to keep an unwavering gaze upon the horizon of notifications, which shall, in due course, reveal the SSC MTS Tier 1 Result Date 2023. The chronology of events, denoted with distinct clarity, conveys the rhythm of the examination journey:

SSC MTS Result 2023 Exam EventSSC MTS Result 2023 Date
SSC MTS Tier 1 Exam 2023May 2 – May 19, 2023
Provisional Answer Key Release28th June 2023
Objection Filing PeriodJune 2023
SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023August 2023

How to Check SSC MTS Tier 1 Result

The process of accessing the SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023 is designed to be intuitive and seamless, promoting ease of access for the aspirants. Comprising a sequence of steps, this process elucidates the route to unraveling the outcome of one’s endeavors. The following steps are to be followed:

  1. Visit the official website of the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) at SSC MTS Result 2023.
  2. On the homepage, navigate to the “Results” section or its equivalent.
  3. Locate and select the link that corresponds to “SSC MTS Result 2023 Tier 1” or “Multi-Tasking Staff Result.
  4. Upon selecting the aforementioned link, a new page shall unfold, beckoning the aspirant to input their login credentials. These credentials typically comprise the registration number, date of birth, and supplementary requisite details.
  5. The act of submitting this information is followed by a consequential step – the actuation of the “Submit” or “View Result” button.
  6. The virtual tapestry comes alive with the visualization of the SSC MTS Result 2023. This tableau of information shall encompass the roll number, name, category, marks secured, and the determinative qualifier status.
  7. The mandate of the moment entails the download of the result PDF, a virtual copy of the affirmation of one’s endeavors.
  8. In the spirit of foresight, the prudent course of action entails the preservation of this PDF for future reference and requisitions.
  9. A tactile manifestation of this result in the form of a printout can be envisaged, elevating its status from the digital domain to the palpable realm.

It is imperative to underscore the nuanced variation that may manifest in this process, attributable to the distinctive interface of the SSC website. This delineation of the process

serves as a guiding light, a compass amidst the digital terrain, to enable the aspirant to navigate the path to their well-deserved result.

SSC MTS Tier 1 Cut Off Marks

The delineation of cut-off marks stands as a pivotal facet of any competitive examination, shaping the contours of success and delineating the boundaries of qualification. The Staff Selection Commission is poised to unveil the SSC MTS Tier 1 exam cut-off marks on its official citadel, These cut-off marks, more than mere numerical thresholds, provide a window into the competitive landscape. They serve as a compass guiding aspirants, informing them about the realm of competition and aiding them in devising a strategic and calculated approach towards their examination preparation.

SSC MTS Result 2023: The anticipated range of cut-off marks for various categories is as follows:

  • UR (Unreserved): 73-80
  • OBC (Other Backward Classes): 70-75
  • SC (Scheduled Castes): 70-75
  • ST (Scheduled Tribes): 64-70
  • EWS (Economically Weaker Sections): 68-73

These ranges, although projected as expected cut-offs, encapsulate the essence of the challenge that lies ahead. They underscore the necessity for aspirants to not only focus on acing the examination but also to strive for excellence that transcends these thresholds.

SSC MTS Merit List and Document Verification

The concept of merit, revered across domains, occupies a pivotal role in the SSC MTS Exam 2023. The merit list, an embodiment of excellence, is designed to recognize the contributions of those who have excelled exceptionally in the examination. The names that grace this list are not merely letters strung together; they represent the culmination of dedication, perseverance, and tenacity. To be included in this esteemed roster is not just an accomplishment, but a testament to one’s mettle and capabilities.

As the examination journey progresses, the document verification stage emerges as a critical juncture. This stage serves as the arbiter of authenticity, wherein the candidature’s claims and credentials are scrutinized for veracity. Candidates are required to present an array of documents, ranging from educational certificates to identity proofs, age proofs, category certificates, domicile certificates, and passport-sized photographs. This stage underscores the seriousness of the selection process, reiterating the institution’s commitment to due diligence and impartiality.

SSC MTS Result 2023 Preparing

For the aspirants who successfully navigate the labyrinth of the SSC MTS Tier 1 Examination, the journey doesn’t culminate with the Tier 1 Result. Instead, it paves the way for the next chapter, the SSC MTS Tier 2 Examination. This stage, distinctly different from its predecessor, delves into assessing the candidates’ writing skills through a descriptive paper. The skill set required here transcends mere memorization; it involves the ability to articulate thoughts, ideas, and concepts in a coherent and structured manner.

The journey from Tier 1 to Tier 2 is marked by a shift in focus, necessitating a transition from one set of skills to another. The preparation for Tier 2 calls for meticulousness, strategic planning, and diligent practice. It is imperative to heed the official notifications, guidelines, and recommendations disseminated by the Staff Selection Commission. These notifications act as beacons, illuminating the path to success in the Tier 2 examination and the subsequent stages of the selection process.


The significance of the SSC MTS Result 2023 Tier 1 transcends its numerical manifestation. It encapsulates the aspirations, dreams, and endeavors of countless aspirants who embarked on this journey with dedication and determination. The journey is not one-dimensional; it’s a mosaic of stages, challenges, and achievements. From the announcement of the result to the anticipation of cut-off marks, from the creation of the merit list to the document verification stage, the examination voyage is a testament to the institution’s commitment to transparency, fairness, and rigor.

This article, a tapestry woven with information and insights, is emblematic of the SSC MTS Tier 1 journey. It serves as a compass, guiding aspirants through the labyrinthine path of examinations, cut-offs, merit lists, and more. With every stage, the aspirants inch closer to their goals, and the culmination of their journey marks the beginning of another chapter. The SSC MTS Result 2023 Tier 1 is not merely a result; it’s a testament to dedication, a milestone of achievements, and a stepping stone to the future. As aspirants await the result, they also embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, armed with the knowledge that their efforts have paved the way for success.

When was the SSC MTS Tier 1 Exam held in 2023?

May 2 to May 19, 2023.

When is SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023 expected?

In August 2023, revealing qualified candidates for the subsequent stages.

How can I check my SSC MTS Tier 1 Result 2023?

Visit SSC’s official website, find “Results,” click on “SSC MTS Result 2023 Tier 1,” enter login details, and view the result.

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