RIMS Ranchi: 900 Students To Vacate Hostel! MBBS, BDS Classes Suspended for 15

RIMS Ranchi: Management has taken the decision to ask 900 students of the 2019-2022 batch to vacate the hostel premises.

A clash broke out between undergraduate students during a birthday party celebration, leading to tense situations. In addition to this, the authorities have suspended the MBBS and BDS classes for a duration of 15 days as a preventive measure.

RIMS Ranchi: Campus Brawl Incident

The unfortunate incident occurred on Tuesday, when a clash ensued between seniors and juniors during a birthday celebration on the RIMS Ranchi campus. These students involved in the altercation were from different batches of UG Courses. The situation escalated further when around six students entered the director’s bungalow at around 2 am to register a complaint about the incident. Junior batch students have also alleged instances of ragging, which further complicated matters.

Hostel Evacuation

In response to the RIMS Ranchi campus brawl and the subsequent unrest, RIMS Management has decided to take strict action. The authorities have asked a total of 900 students enrolled in MBBS and BDS courses from the 2019-2022 batch to immediately vacate the hostel. The students were given a deadline until 7 pm on Thursday to leave the premises.

RIMS Ranchi News: 900 Students To Vacate Hostel! MBBS, BDS Classes Suspended for 15 days Due to Campus Brawl

RIMS Ranchi: Suspension of MBBS and BDS Classes

To maintain a safe and conducive environment on campus, RIMS Management has suspended the MBBS and BDS classes for the next 15 days. This step has been taken to prevent any further escalation of tensions and to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

Conditions for Hostel Re-entry

RIMS has laid down clear guidelines for the students’ re-entry to the hostel. The students will only be allowed back into the hostel after fresh room allotments are made. The hostel will primarily accommodate interns and house surgeons, while the rest of the students are required to leave the premises with their belongings.

Compliance Affidavit

To address the concerns of violent clashes and indiscipline on campus, RIMS has implemented new regulations. Both students and their parents will be required to submit an affidavit committing to obey these new rules. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in students being barred from the hostel and attending classes. Senior students will be allowed back into the hostels when their classes recommence.

RIMS hopes that these measures will help restore peace and order on the campus and provide a safe and conducive learning environment for all students.

Campus Brawl Incident and Actions Taken

DateRIMS Ranchi IncidentAction Taken
TuesdayCampus clash during birthday celebration– Suspension of MBBS and BDS classes for 15 days
between seniors and juniors– 900 students asked to vacate hostel
from different UG courses– Affidavit required for re-entry to hostel
ThursdaySix students enter director’s bungalow at 2 am to lodge– Fresh room allotments for hostel re-entry
complaint, juniors allege ragging– Only interns and house surgeons remain in hostels
– Senior students allowed back for classes

Please note that the situation is currently being addressed by the college administration, and further updates will be provided accordingly. Students and parents are requested to cooperate in ensuring a peaceful and secure campus environment.

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