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Ranchi: Rural new buses will run on village roads 2023

Jharkhand, an Indian state known for its rural areas, is on the brink of receiving a gift of sparkling new buses.

This gift is part of a visionary plan called the “Chief Minister Rural Bus Scheme,” which has been given the green light during a cabinet meeting. The estimated budget for this plan is a whopping 36 crore rupees, with 25 crore rupees already allocated for its initial phase.


Plan Rollout Date

The official launch of this plan is anticipated to coincide with Jharkhand’s State Foundation Day on November 15th or, alternatively, when the government completes four years in office on December 26th.

Estimated Budget

PhaseEstimated Budget (in Crore Rupees)
Total Budget36
Initial Phase25

New Buses on New Routes

Under this scheme, all buses will be brand new and will operate exclusively on new routes. Buses with more than 42 seats will not be granted permits.

Benefits of the Free Scheme

The plan offers significant concessions in bus fares for various categories of citizens, aiming to make travel more affordable. These categories include:

  1. Senior Citizens: Citizens aged 60 and above.
  2. Students: Students of all levels.
  3. Differently-abled individuals: Physically and mentally challenged individuals.
  4. Hearing-Impaired individuals: Those with hearing impairments.
  5. HIV-positive individuals: People living with HIV.
  6. Widows receiving pensions: Widowed women who receive pensions.
  7. Recognized Jharkhand Activists: Activists who have received recognition for their work.

For the categories listed above, the fares will be fully waived.

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Identification for Free Benefits

The entitlement to these free services will be determined based on identification documents issued by relevant authorities, including Block Development Officers, Village Chiefs, Municipal Corporations, and Municipalities.

Swift Implementation of New Rural Routes

To expedite the implementation of the Chief Minister Rural Bus Scheme, a nodal agency has been established within the Transport Department. This agency will identify and designate new rural routes based on recommendations from district-level and state-level committees.

The state-level committee will consist of the Divisional Commissioner as the Chairman, along with members such as the Transport Commissioner, Joint Transport Commissioner, Divisional Joint Secretary, and Divisional Deputy Secretary.

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Meanwhile, the district-level committee will have the Deputy Commissioner as the Chairman, and members will include the Deputy Development Commissioner, District Development Officer, District Panchayat Raj Officer, representatives from the District Bus Transport Association, Lead District Manager of Banks, and District Transport Officer.

Identification for Free Benefits

EntitlementIdentification Document Issuing Authority
Senior CitizensBlock Development Officer (BDO)
StudentsEducational Institutions and Authorities
Differently-abled individualsRelevant Disability Certificates
Hearing-Impaired individualsRelevant Disability Certificates
HIV-positive individualsMedical Authorities
Widows receiving pensionsPension Disbursing Authorities
Recognized Jharkhand ActivistsRelevant Government Departments

The Chief Minister Rural Bus Scheme is set to usher in a new era of accessible and affordable transportation for Jharkhand’s rural population, offering them a means to travel conveniently and economically on sparkling new buses.

What is the Chief Minister Rural Bus Scheme in Jharkhand?

The Chief Minister Rural Bus Scheme is an ambitious plan aimed at providing sparkling new buses and free rides to citizens in rural areas of Jharkhand, India.

When is the plan expected to be officially launched?

The plan is anticipated to be launched on Jharkhand’s State Foundation Day (November 15th) or on December 26th, coinciding with the completion of four years in office by the government.

What can we expect from the new buses and routes under this scheme?

All buses will be brand new, and the scheme will introduce new routes exclusively. Buses with more than 42 seats will not be granted permits.

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