Miraj news: Revival of the Closed ‘Vanless’ Hospital in Miraj through Transfer to Vellore Medical College

Insights from a Visit by Vellore Medical College Delegation

Miraj news: The closed ‘Vanless’ Hospital in Miraj is soon to undergo a significant change as it transitions to Christian Medical College in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. A delegation from Vellore visited Miraj to assess the possibility of the transfer and revival of the hospital.

With a rich history spanning over 130 years, the ‘Vanless’ Hospital in Miraj faced closure due to financial constraints. The hospital had been a cornerstone of healthcare in the region, founded by American missionary Dr. William Vanless in 1894. Dr. Vanless’ legacy includes providing modern medical treatments and care, touching the lives of thousands of patients. Notable figures like Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur and the renowned artist Balgandharva also received treatment there.

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Transfer of ‘Vanless’ HospitalThe closed ‘Vanless’ Hospital in Miraj is set to be transferred to Christian Medical College, Vellore
The Current SituationFinancial challenges led to the closure of the historic ‘Vanless’ Hospital with a 130-year tradition
Employee ConcernsApproximately 500 employees of the hospital are affected by the closure due to unpaid wages
Infrastructure ChallengesThe hospital’s infrastructure and services were severely affected due to lack of funds
Legacy of ‘Vanless’ HospitalThe historic hospital was founded by American missionary Dr. William Vanless in 1894
Dr. William Vanless’ ContributionsDr. Vanless provided modern medical treatment and care, treating thousands of patients
Hospital’s Role in the RegionThe hospital played a significant role in healthcare, treating people from the state and country
Closure and Transfer EffortsFinancial difficulties led to the closure, and now Vellore Medical College is considering revival
Vellore Delegation’s VisitA delegation of 20 individuals visited Miraj and assessed the possibility of transferring the hospital
Future Prospects and DecisionA decision will be taken regarding restarting the hospital, possibly under Vellore Medical College

However, the past year brought economic challenges that led to the hospital’s closure, impacting around 500 employees who went unpaid. The hospital’s infrastructure suffered, affecting its utility services like electricity and water supply.

In the light of these circumstances, a delegation of 20 individuals from Vellore Medical College visited Miraj. This visit aims to understand the feasibility of transferring and reviving the ‘Vanless’ Hospital. The delegation’s findings will likely play a crucial role in the decision-making process.

Vellore Medical College has a respected medical legacy of its own and aims to uphold the same standard of care and treatment as demonstrated by ‘Vanless’ Hospital. If the decision is made to transfer and revive the hospital under the auspices of Vellore Medical College, it could mark a new chapter in the legacy of the historic ‘Vanless’ Hospital, bringing its doors open once again to serve the healthcare needs of the region.

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