cm ladli bahna yojana: Empowering Women in Madhya Pradesh

cm ladli bahna yojana is an initiative launched by the Madhya Pradesh government on January 28, 2023, with the aim of empowering women economically and strengthening their decisive role in the family.

ladli behna yojana 2023: Initiation of a new era of women empowerment in Madhya Pradesh.
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This scheme is designed to bring about continuous improvement in the economic self-reliance of women, as well as the health and nutrition levels of both women and their dependent children.

Enhancing Women’s Economic Independence:

The Ladli Behna Yojana provides a monthly financial assistance of 1,000 rupees to women in Madhya Pradesh. This support will not only contribute to improving the health, nutrition, and economic independence of women but also enable them to have greater financial autonomy to manage their expenses according to their priorities.

With the financial assistance received, women can utilize local resources and develop self-employment opportunities or livelihood resources, thereby playing a more influential role in making decisions at the family level.

Importance of e-KYC in cm ladli bahna yojana:

The implementation of e-KYC (electronic Know Your Customer) is essential for the cm Ladli Behna Yojana. e-KYC refers to the process of linking Aadhaar (unique identification) information with the comprehensive ID. By linking Aadhaar with e-KYC, the duplication of records can be eliminated, ensuring that only eligible women can avail the benefits of the scheme.

If a woman does not have a valid e-KYC, she can visit any nearby ration shop, MP Online center, or CSC kiosk to complete her e-KYC without having to pay any fee. The government is providing direct assistance of 15 rupees to the kiosks for each e-KYC registration.

Importance of Aadhaar-linked Active Bank Account:

In order to streamline the payment process (DBT – Direct Benefit Transfer) of the scheme, Aadhaar-linked active bank accounts are necessary. This method ensures a minimum failure rate in the payment process. Direct payments will be made into the bank accounts of the women themselves, providing them with direct control over the funds.

This empowers women to independently utilize the funds based on their family’s needs and priorities. By receiving the funds directly, women will play a significant role in decision-making within their families. Additionally, the scheme will enable women to start small businesses at their own level, which will further contribute to their financial self-reliance.

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